None of this could have been achieved without our lovely builders:

Mark, Mike, Sid, Al and Fred

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long time no post!

Nothing really to post about as there's nothing much going on inside. The garden's kept me quite busy, you can see it here if you like. We've had a landscaper round to discuss replacing the hard landscaping and disturbing as few plants as possible. Just waiting for him to get back to us.

We're still waiting for the sun room floor to be levelled, not holding our breath as it's son Neil who will do it when he's been reminded enough times!

The only other thing that is new is our little addition to the family, Poppy:

If you want to read more about her she has her own blog. Paul thinks I'm a bit sad!


Liberty :) said...

she is really cute!! what a fluff ball!!

Linda said...

Hi Susan,

What a sweetie she is! And how does Tom feel about her?